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Business Financial Planning



After developing , or revision of, your firm’s Business Plan and before starting on its Financial Plan a SWOT Analysis (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats) must be run to determine its areas for improvement and make sure you don’t start moving in the wrong direction. The Business Plan’s SWOT Analysis provides an excellent way to understand the firm’s current situation and helps to create a Financial Plan that will account for weaknesses and threats and enable you to leverage your strengths and opportunities to help you reach your goals.


What Are The Financial Strengths and Weaknesses? 


The advantage to financial SWOT Analysis is that it separates internal factors (strengths and weaknesses) from external ones (opportunities and threats). This allows your firm to match what it could do in theory with what is possible in reality.

CCTA provides the accounting knowledge base and professional tools to work directly with your firm to leverage your firm’s strengths and opportunities and mitigate weaknesses and threats to solidify its financial health, or even better, turn weaknesses and threats into strengths and opportunities.

The strategies of the SWOT Analysis are then incorporated into the firm’s Financial Plan and the financial mission statement.